DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method to validate the authenticity of email messages.

1. Log into SmarterMail as the Domain Administrator.

2. Select Domains and double click on domain you want to setup DKIM.

3. Go to General and locate Email Signing then Enable

4. Once click it will testing the DKIM and prompt a pop up browser for the DKIM record

5. Copy the Text Record Name and Text Record Value

6. Next go to client area to manage the DNS Zone record

Client area billing system at : -

For (MY) client:

For (US) client:

For (SG) client:

7. On top of the menu click > Domains > DNS Management

8. Click Edit the zone domain name to edit your DKIM

9. Then click on Add Record

10. Add the DKIM record as TXT record with the following format

v=DKIM1; p=<public key>
where you can replace
p=<public key>
with the "Text Record Value" that you copied from SmarterMail earlier, then click on "Add Record" button.

11. Once you Add Record, do allow for around 30 minutes for the DKIM record to take effect

12. Lastly go to General tab Smartermail again to verify the DKIM has been configured