For data center visit request, current Active account Colocation customer, please proceed to create the visitation through the Client Area portal. 

Full steps or process of the visitation; Data Center Visitation e-Form Request tutorial

Only the Primary Account Email address can perform the creation of Data Center Visitation request, but customer can add Authorize Personnel Email address as secondary account just to create the visitation;

Steps on how to add the users can be found here; "How to Add/Remove Users " and the only permission required is "View Products & Services - view access to product, services and addons"

Other permission are to disregard or depend on the account owner on what to apply to the user intentionally. 


If you are new or non-active customer kindly download the below form and submit to us the completed form for further process your request with our data center management.

All visitation request;

a) Submit the request to

b) Any device or equipment removal request must be made one (1) business day earlier, subject to management approval.

There are 3 separate form that needed to be filled:

1) Data Center Visit Request Form:

  • Multiple date in one form are not permitted. Please state actual one(1) date and time to visit
  • The form must be filled by all kind of visit purpose and detail must be completed either by the Primary Account OR Authorized Personnel

2) Check-In Device & Equipment Form:

  • New and current colocation subscriber must download and completely filled in all the devices that will sign in
  • The detail must be completed with Serial Number

3) Removal Device & Equipment Form:

  • Any device or equipment that will be taken-out from the Data Center floor must be filled in the form and cleared accordingly.
  • Any Removal Requests must be made one (1) working day for the process. Any emergency removal will be upon approval by management
    The data center visit request appointment is required to be applied 1 business days in advance before the visiting day and only limited to 5 persons (5) per visit.

4) For Data Center Privacy Policy, can refer to the page "Data Center Privacy Policy"