Exabytes Singapore Data Center 

For data center visit request, please access your billing account at https://billing.exabytes.sg/mypanel/clientarea.php and access the following URL : 



**This visit form is only applicable for our co-location customers. 

For other subscriptions, please contact our helpdesk to verify if the visit is allowed. **

Visit can be of below categories:

a) Emergency maintenance (any time of the day)

b) Normal/scheduled maintenance (normal working days Mon-Fri 9.00am until 5.00pm)

c) Normal visit (normal working days Mon-Fri 9.00am until 5.00pm)

d) Submit the visitation request to server-support@exabytes.sg

The data center visit request appointment is required to be applied 1 business days in advance before the visiting day and only limited to 5 persons (5) per visit.

RC Data Center (Singapore RC1)

23 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore 535224