What is Fraud Order?

As a precaution against fraud, Exabytes is using minFraud service to reduce the number of fraud. Through its comprehensive fraud screening system, our ordering system can detect and automatically cancel the fraud order from our ordering system. Through our analysis, we have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders.

Why Are Your Orders Considered As Fraudulent Orders?

Following are the reasons why your orders became fraudulent orders :

Country Mismatch - It happens when order address is different from IP location
High Risk Country - Orders from high risk countries will be rejected
Fraud Risk Score - The fraud score is higher than the value we set due to the above reasons

Should any of the above is found in our system, it will not be able to accept your orders and will turn your orders to fraudulent orders.

If your order is at high Fraud Risk Score, Telephone Verification will be performed. You will then receive a pin code from our fraud screening system. You are kindly required to enter the pin code on the order page in order for your order to be successful.

Please also make sure that :

  • You have filled in the correct phone no. with the correct country code so that the pin code will be successfully sent to you.
  • You have provided a valid mailing address.

What If I Fail To Receive The Pin Code?

Please contact billing department and kindly state the issue to us in order for us to further assist you in this matter.