What are DNS settings?

A domain name like yourdomain.com is only a name and can serve no purpose unless you set up the DNS records. They need to be set up and administered in order to connect the domain name to the website and emails associated with the domain. This is what the DNS records do. DNS stands for “Domain Name System”.

DNS settings at a glance
The following are the DNS settings to use with a Sitejet website:
To manage emails via Sitejet:
Setting up the correct SPF TXT Records

The standard would be:  v=spf1 mx -all

Therefore, ensure that either the email addresses are managed by Sitejet or that you add the following after "v=spf1":

a:mx1.sitehub.io a:mx2.sitehub.io

Afterward, the above entry would look like this:

v=spf1 a:mx1.sitehub.io a:mx2.sitehub.io mx -all

This ensures that Sitejet is allowed to send email notifications if a website visitor submits a contact form.

Customize advanced DNS settings

Please replace for example *weight* with the actual "weight" value required for this specific DNS record. The same goes for the other placeholders. An example would be: