1. Please log in to your Sitejet Account and visit the Website Manager.
2. To keep track of the website's progress you can move the website to the "Publish" status. You can either click on "Register domain".

3. The menu is next to the website name to open a dropdown menu where you can select "Manage domains" to open the Domain Manager.

4. If you are in the Detail View of the website, please change the status to "Publish" and click on the "Publish" button in the right upper corner.

5. When you have a paid plan you will see the Domain Manager and the possibility to add a new domain by clicking "(+) Domain" in the top right corner. Please enter your preferred domain name and click on "Search". You will see the "Register domain" button if the domain is available.

Please keep in mind, that you need a paid Sitejet plan to publish your website. If you don't have a plan the Domain Manager will automatically redirect you to choose your preferred plan.

6. When you are going through the registration process you will see the domain details (also called "domain handle") which display all information about the domain owner that is necessary to register the domain.

7. Once you registered a domain with Sitejet (or connected a third-party domain) you can publish the website by selecting "Publish" in the "Usage" dropdown menu.

8. You already have one included hosted website in each Sitejet plan.