Creating a new meeting and editing Event details

From your TimeSync dashboard, click on 'New Meeting'.

Then, fill in the necessary information regarding the Event such as name, description, and meeting location (Zoom, Google Meet, Callback, etc). Once done, hit the 'Create Meeting' button on the bottom left. 

You’ll then be directed to the Event set-up page that shows multiple different tabs, as shown below.

Under the 'Event Details' tab, you can edit the Event information that you have previously set. When you click on 'Advanced Settings', you can edit other Event settings such as your layout color, logo, and language. 

Once you're done, click 'Update'.

Configuring Availability settings

Once set, you can move on to the 'Availability' tab. Here you can choose your timezone, add your available hours, and set up buffers and limits.

  • Event interval: Sets the interval of time that an event can be scheduled. In your calendar, your availability slot options will be reflected accordingly for every specific amount of time you set as an interval (For example, if your interval is 1hr, your availability slots will be 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, and so on).
  • Buffer time: Prevents last minutes bookings and gives you some time before someone can schedule an event with you.
  • Schedule days: Sets the number of days that are bookable from your calendar.

Once you're done, click 'Update'.

Setting up invitee questions

Under the 'Invitee Questions' tab, you can select and set up the questions you require from your invitees. This can include email, name, phone number, or any other custom questions you choose to set.

You can also create different question types such as short texts, long texts, dropdowns, and checkboxes.

Once you're done, click 'Update'.

When you've finished setting up Event, it will appear in your dashboard. You can copy your booking page link or open up your calendar in a new tab and run a test. If all's good, then you're good to go!