Users who sign up for both Advanced Security and Backup services will manage both using the same Acronis web console account.

1. Login to your web-based console via

2. Proceed to Devices -> Add Devices 

3. Under WORKSTATIONS click on Windows

4. The Acronis agent executable file (Cyber_Protection_Agent_for_Windows_web.exe) will be downloaded.

5. Run the executable file by double-clicking on it. The Agent installation wizard will open up.

6. Click on Install button. The installation files will be automatically downloaded.

7. Once the installation files are downloaded, the agent installation will start automatically.

8. Once the agent installation has been completed, click on the Register the machine button in-order to register the machine in the management server.

9. You will be automatically prompted to log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect Console once again and the registration information will be displayed. Click on Confirm Registration

10. The server in which the agent has been installed will now show up inside the Acronis portal under All devices