Exabytes bulk SMS have launch a new feature for bulk SMS two factor authentication over API .

What is two factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that requires users to use both their online password and mobile phone to verify their identity to access a service or web app. In addition to using their service credentials to access sensitive data, the user also receives a onetime PIN number on their token or via SMS or Voice. The one-time PIN (OTP) number is generated and sent to the user’s mobile phone. The user receives the OTP and types it into the application to confirm their identity. If the PIN number that was sent out to the user matches the one that is received, the user is allowed to continue with the process.


Step1: Send a 2FA request.

Step2: Check the status code in the response and ensure that you sent the request to bulk SMS correctly.

Step3: bulk SMS delivers your OTP to your user's handset.

Step4: Your user enters this OTP into your application.

Step5: Verify the OTP via bulk SMS API

Bulk SMS API – Send/Request OTP

Server Response Detail: Success {"status":"Success","code":"147623","uuid":"bd9a1ff0-4f2c-11eb-9b62- 008cfaff44de","username":"mobiwebtest","sms_id":"1171081025","mobile":"+60171112 2334"}

Server Response Detail: Fail {"status":"Failed","message":"Incorrect OTP Code","uuid":"1a1e1b86-4f2d-11eb-9b62- 008cfaff44de","sms_id":"1171081605","code":"408902","mobile":"+6 0175118885"}

Bulk SMS API - Verify OTP

Sample Request:
https://www.isms.com.my/2FA/request.php?interval=3&mobile=12345678&country_code=60&un=xxxx &pass=xxxx&sendid=MOBIWEB&method=verify&code=515296