This guide assumes you have already created a Gmail account and created a Google Analytics account and property. If you have not already done so, please follow the link below.  Set up Analytics for a website and/or app

Google Site Kit

Before you integrate Google Analytics to your WordPress, you first need to setup Google Site Kit. To do so, follow below steps. If you already have Google Site Kit setup, skip to the section below. 

1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Install the Site Kit by Google plugin and activate it. 

3.Click on Site Kit => Dashboard. You should be presented with the below.  

4. Click on "SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE". You will be brought to URL starting with https://sitekit.withgoogle.com/

5. From here, click on "Sign in with Google" again. 

6. Select the Google Account in which you have setup the Google Analytics Account.

7. You will be prompted a list of access permission required by Google Site Kit. Scroll down and click on "Continue".  

*Note: Make sure to tick on the 2 optional permissions like below else you will get the following error. *


8. Proceed to verify your site by clicking on "Proceed". 

9. Then click on "Allow". 

10. Finally, click on "Add Site"

On successful setup, your site will look like below. 


Integrating Google Analytics

1. Access your Google Site Kit dashboard. 

2. Click on "Connect Service" under Google Analytics. 

3. Choose the Google Account in which you have previously setup the Google Analytics Account. 

4. You will be prompted a list of access permission required by Google Site Kit. Scroll down and click on "Continue". 

5. Once done, your Google Analytics will be loaded. 

6. Select the Google Analytics Account and Property in which you wish to use to track your site. Then click on "CONFIGURE ANALYTICS"

7. When prompted to grant additional permissions, click on "Proceed". Again, select the Google Account you have connected your Google Analytics Account with and click on "Continue". 

8. Once done, you will see that Google Analytics is now "Connected" 

Final Note:

Your data will not be shown immediately. Kindly allow some time for the site to gather traffic before you can see your data. Your data will be visible on both your Wordpress Google Site Kit Dashboard and your Google Analytics Dashboard > Reports Snapshot.