About Drift

Drift allows you to talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere.

Install Drift

1. Admin Panel > Apps > Featured Apps > type 'Drift' in search bar and click on the magnifier to search > found Drift app and click on it.

2. Click on 'Install this app' > 'Install'.

3. In setting page, click on 'link' to go to your Drift account.

4. Enter your email address to get started.

5. Select Javascript as the option.

6. Pick your user type.

7. Copy the code.

8. Go back to your Drift app > paste your code > click on 'Save settings'.

Hold on, few more steps!..........

9. Go back to your Drift account, click on 'NEXT: VERIFY THIS SETUP'.

10. Insert your website URL > click on 'Verify'.

11. You will see this if the verification is successful.


*If you have forgotten to copy the code, don't panic! :)

You may click into https://start.drift.com/login > Log in to your Drift account > Scroll to Bottom left corner where you get to view your own profile > Settings > Chat widget > Install > Copy code > You're done!