About tawk.to

tawk.to is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page.

One of these studies by the American Marketing Association study shows that live chat can increase conversions at least 20% and the Return On Investment rate on purchase a live chat apps is about 300%. Also, customer who are solved inquiry through live-chat are 3x times more likely to purchase.

Install tawk.to

1. Admin Panel > Apps > tawk.to > Install.

2. Once you have reached setting page, click on tawk.to to sign up a tawk.to account.

3. Click on 'Sign Up'.

4. Fill in your particulars and click ‘SIGN UP FOR FREE!’.

5. On next page, click on ‘Setup Later’. After that, you will be brought to your tawk.to account dashboard.

6. In your tawk.to dashboard, go to Admin > Add.

7. Scroll to the bottom and insert your store name and store URL > click on ‘Create’.

8. On next page, click on ‘Property Settings’.

( Hint: If you missed this page, you can always come back by going to Admin ).

9. Copy the Site ID.

10. After copied, go back to your tawk.to app and paste the ID > Save settings. Done!

Hope this helps!