Enabling seamless payment on your online store helps to increase the successful transaction rate as well as sales! Your existing customer will no longer need to re-enter their credit/ debit card information when they check out on your online store. 

Steps to enable seamless payment:

Step 1: Ensure that you have registered a Braintree or ECPay payment gateway account, integrated in on your online store and enabled it. 

Go to Admin Panel> Settings> Payment > Add Payment and select Braintree or ECPay payment gateway > Fill in related information > Make sure you select "enabled" > Save

Step 2: Enable seamless payment through Settings> Checkout> Under "Seamless payment"> Click "Seamless payment is enabled"> Save


1. Only existing customers that has an account and has a successful payment record (using their credit/ debit) on your online store will be able to experience seamless payment during checkout.

2. New or first-time customers will need sign up on your online store with valid credit/ debit card information entered, he/ she will experience seamless payment during checkout thereafter.