Bank transfer payment method allows your customers to manually transfer the purchase amount directly to your bank account via Cash Deposit Machine, ATM, or online. Your bank account details will be displayed at checkout.

1. Setting up bank transfer payment method

1.1 Go to Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select Bank Transfer.

1.2 Fill in your preferred Display name and your bank details in Payment instruction.

  • Tips: You also can edit / add message in Payment instruction which you would like your customers to follow to make payme

1.3 Save and done.

2. How customers pay using bank transfer payment method

2.1 Customers checkout > choose Bank Transfer payment method > Place order.


? This is the time when customers can proceed to manually transfer / bank in the order amount to your bank details.


2.2 On next page, customers can upload their payment proof ( receipt / transfer slip / bank-in slip ) and provide Reference ID to verify their payments.

  • Tips: Customers can copy down the URL link of this page so that they can come back to upload receipt after payment.

2.3 If registered customers have missed the page above to upload receipt, they also can attach their payment proof and provide Reference ID following the steps below:

Step 1 : Log into their account > go to My Account

Step 2 : Click into the order.

Step 3 : Scroll to the bottom on the right hand side > upload payment proof and provide Reference ID > Submit > Done.

  • Note: Orders made through Bank Transfer payment method will not be automatically marked as paid. You need to manually confirm the payment is received. Once confirmed, you need to manually mark the order as paid.