How to Add a Product to My Store

You may be wondering how to add your products after your online store has been successfully set up by Exabytes. We’re pleased to present to you a step-by-step guide to add your products to your online store.

First, have the product information below ready:

  1. Product name
  2. Product description
  3. Product image
  4. Product variants (if any)
  5. Product selling price

Adding products to your store:

  1. Login to Easy Store Admin Portal > Products > Add product

Add a Product

2. In the ‘Title’ field, insert product name and product description.

Product name & description

3. Upload your product image.

Upload product image

4. Insert product variants (if any).

  • Maximum 3 Option Type
  • Maximum 100 Option Value

Product Variants

5. Insert your product selling price.

  • Cost price is for your own record purpose, it will not show on the online store.
  • Select “Taxable product” if your products are subjected to taxes.

Insert product selling price

6. Update your stock/inventory control. (Optional: If you want Easy Store to track the inventory of your products)

Inventory control

7. Update your product shipping information.

  • Weight: If your shipping charges are calculated by KG.
  • Length, Width & Height must be filled out for shipping purposes.
  • Select “This product is free shipping” if this product is shipped free.

Shipping information

8. Edit the meta description of your products.

*To boost your SEO results, meta descriptions should contain keywords that your customers will search.

Product meta description

9. You can edit your product category here.

Product Category

Manage product category

10. Make sure it is ‘Publish’. Next, click ‘Save’.


11. You’re done! Check your storefront to see if all settings are correct.

Check your storefront


  1. The recommended size of product images is square with at least 1000*1000 px to 1500*1500 px. 
  2. You can use a web app, such as to resize your images if you don’t have any design software.

Happy selling!