1: When I’m programming my campaign, what is the time zone?

A: The time zone is the one you chose when you signed in.

2: Can you transfer data from other previous EBuzzzz or mass mailing provider to EBuzzzz Pro?

A: No, you can only export your List (Subscribers) then import into EBuzzzz Pro.

3: Can I insert videos in my newsletter?

A:  Inserting a video file in an email doesn’t work: the messaging software doesn’t support video files and ignores them.  A solution is to insert an image of the video player (print screen for example) linked to the desired video. A simple click on the image and the user will be forwarded to the link.

4. Where are reply emails sent to?

A: The default value is [DEFAULT_REPLY_TO]. 

You can configure your Default reply-to-email by clicking on the "Gear-Icon" (on the top-right corner) on your account. 

Then access your "Default Settings", and here you can configure the reply-to-email that you can use on every campaign. 

You can also change the reply-to-email in Step 1 of your campaign creation process.

5. What is the "Archive" function?

A: The "Archive" function is used to place your older campaigns in the Archives tab.

6. What is the "Duplicate" function?

A: Duplicating a campaign saves you time from creating a new campaign all over again. Simply duplicate the campaign to create a new draft, and then just edit your content!

This way you will make campaigns with a consistent image and design.

7. Can I insert a Flash file in a newsletter?

A: Inserting a Flash file in an email doesn’t work: software doesn’t support video files and ignore them.

8. Why is my campaign set as "Scheduled" before "Running/Sent"?

A: While EBuzzzz processes the send request, the campaign is set as "Scheduled". After a few moments, your campaign will be changed automatically to "Running" and then "Sent".

9. Why is the URL of my links different from what I have chosen?

A: The URL is different from the one you have chosen because EBuzzzz tracks the clicks of your contacts. 

Through this, you have access to the number of clicks per link, a list of contacts who clicked on each link, and the heat map. 

This does not affect link's target, contacts are still forwarded to the pages you have selected. It is possible to stop the link tracking and thus your link won't be different.

10. Can I add a form in my newsletter?

A: You can’t send forms directly in your newsletter. The solution for this is adding a link to the form you want your users to fill-in in your email.

11. How do I save a campaign as a draft?

A: At any moment while creating your campaign, you can "save and exit" and this will automatically save your work as a "draft".

12. What is List and Folder limit?

A. List limit is 300 and there is no limit on Folder.

13. What is the maximum attachment size and email size?

A. Maximum total size of your newsletter must be less than 5 MB (attachment + email).

Please send us an email if you have any questions that not inside our current KB.