1. There are several ways to import your contacts into EBuzzzz Pro. Go to the Contact page and click on the Import contacts button to see all the options.

On the next page, choose to add contacts by uploading a file or by copying and pasting them from a spreadsheet.

To grow your audience and automatically add new contacts to your EBuzzzz Pro account, you can create a subscription Form to embed on your website.

1. Importing contacts from a CSV or TXT file

Most EBuzzzz users prefer this import method. You may import your contact list formatted as a CSV or TXT file.

2. Adding contacts manually

You may add contacts manually. This method allows you to add new contacts one by one. 

For a large import, we suggest you use the import or copy/paste methods.

Choose the list(s) to which your new contacts will be added. 

You may select one or multiple existing lists, or create a new list. 

Opt-in agreement

EBuzzzz Pro may only be used to send emails to contacts who have officially agreed (opted in) to receive your messages.

Click Confirm your import to begin your import. 

You will be redirected back to your Contacts page.Large imports may take a few moments to fully process. 

Once completed, a banner will summarize the details of your import, including the number of added contacts, number of duplicates, number of invalid email addresses, etc. You will also receive an email notification confirming this summary.