White List – allows to always accept IPs from the list

Click Firewall in the main menu then choose White List.

Use filters to show the exact list of the IPs:

  • IP – allows filtering the list by IP. Enter an IP or a part of it into the input field.
  • Country – allows filtering the list by country origin. Enter a country name into the input field with autocomplete. Imunify360 will show the list of IPs of the chosen country.
  • Comments – allows filtering the list by comments. Enter a comment into the input field.
  • Use Items per page at the page bottom right to set the number of the incidents to be shown on the page.

You can perform the following actions with the IPs in the White List:

#How to add IP manually

To add an IP to the White List, click Add on the right side of the page. The following pop-up opens.

In the pop-up choose IP tab and fill out:

  • Enter IP – IP or subnet in CIDR notation
  • Enter a comment – type a comment to the IP or subnet (optional)
  • Enter TTL in days or hours – time to live – for how long the IP will be in the White List.
  • Choose White Listradio button
    • For the White List it is possible to tick Full Access checkbox to make this IP or subnet ignore the rules in Blocked ports. The IPs with full access have a crown icon in the IP column.
  • Note

    You can grant or remove full access afterwards in the table, just click Cog icon and choose Grant Full Access to grant or Remove Full Access to remove it.

  • If the server is a part of a group (see: global Black | White list management, choose Scope: Local (IP will be added to White list on a current server) or Group (IP will be added to a group of servers and from this moment can be managed from any server in the group).

When done, click Add IP to confirm your action or Cancel to hide pop-up.


  • If you add a new server in an existing group in CLN, then all IPs whitelisted for this group will be added as whitelisted to this new server.
  • If you have an IP whitelisted globally, then this IP will be added to all servers belong to this group.
  • All actions performed with globally whitelisted IP propagate to a whole group (all servers and IPs included in this group).
  • If you remove an IP included in a group, this IP will be removed from all servers belonged to this group.
  • If you change the scope from Global to Local, then this IP on a current server becomes local and is removed from other servers of this group.
  • If you remove a server from a group in CLN, then all IPs whitelisted for the whole group will be removed from that server.

You will see a notification if an IP has been added successfully.


How to add a comment to IP

In the proper IP row click in the Comment column, type a comment and click .

To remove a comment, click and remove the text. Then click .

#How to move IP from the White List to the Black List

To move several IPs from the White List to the Black List choose proper IPs (use checkboxes), click Group Actions at the top of the table and choose Move to Black List in the drop-down.

To move one IP address, click Cog icon in a proper IP row and choose Move to Black List in the drop-down.

 You will see a notification if the IP is moved successfully.

#How to remove IP address from the White List

To remove several IPs from the White List, choose proper IPs (use checkboxes) and click Delete permanently. Then confirm the action.

To remove an exact IP from the White List, just click Bin icon for a proper IP address and confirm the action.

You will see a notification if the IP is deleted successfully.