1. From the Home screen, tap Settings -> Mail -> Add Account.



2. To set up POP3 account of your domain email address, tap Other


3. Tap on Add Mail Account



4. Enter your Name, Email, Email Password, and Description, tap Next.

5. IMAP and POP will be shown on top on bar. Tap POP so it will be highlighted. 

    Now please fill in the “Incoming Server” and “Outgoing Server”. 

    Please refer to the example below.



Incoming mail server POP/IMAP : mail.yourdomain.com

Outgoing mail server SMTP : mail.yourdomain.com


(replace your OWN domain name for yourdomain)



Incoming mail server POP/IMAP : serverhostname.com

Outgoing mail server SMTP : serverhostname.com


(serverhostname refers to the name of the server that is hosting your website.

the server hostname can be found from your web hosting control panel server 

information section )




6. If system showing message as Cannot Verify Server Identity, tap Details



7. Tap Trust.



8. After the certificate is trusted, we need to verify POP and SMTP settings. 

    Go back to HOME screen -> Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Tap 

    (email account you have setup earlier) to check POP and SMTP (outgoing mail server) setting.



9. On the Outgoing mail server, tap SMTP mail.yourdomain.com



10. Tap mail.yourdomain.com Server On. Check your SMTP SSL: off . 

       You can enable SSL if your email comes with SSL. For POP or IMAP

       Key in the respective values for port.



Incoming POP : 110

Outgoing for POP and IMAP : 587



Incoming POP : 995

Outgoing for POP and IMAP : 465



11. Tap Done, Your iPad is now configure to send and receive your domain email.