You are trying to access a website. Suddenly a pop up appear as below. Chill, this is NORMAL. 

Read on below as I explain.

Please note IP above is for illustration purposes only. 

This is mainly due to Imunify360 CAPTCHA. You have heard of CAPTCHA. For Imunify360 CAPTCHA is a 

security solution for Linux web servers which can stop majority of web application attacks through WAF. With 

Imunify360 CAPTCHA, it reduces false positives and improves usability for 'blocked' visitors and at the same 

time lowering the possibility for bots to bypass. Strictly speaking, CAPTCHA functions as a tool to distinguish 

human from machine input which protect websites from spam and automated abuse. 

Thus, any visitor that has ill intentions is automatically blocked from accessing your server from their IP address 

and also added to the Grey List. Subsequently visitor will be redirected to the CAPTCHA.

There are 2 layers of Imunify360 CAPTCHA:

1. User added to Grey List (access blocked) - User is able to unblock himself by ticking a checkbox. Upon user 

keying in the requested information accurately, user will be redirected to website, which indicates that access is 

unblocked andIP address no longer remains in Grey List. 

2. Websites guarded and IP activities constantly being monitored. This helps to blocks bots and protects websites 

from spam and abuse. Depending on user's browser settings, reCAPTCHA supports localization which enables 

user to change browser default language when need to.