1.    Disable your POP account

       To avoid duplication, go to the account settings by clicking Tools>Account Settings

       Then select server settings and uncheck 

       ⦁        Check for new messages at startup

       ⦁        Check for new messages every XX minutes

2.    Create the IMAP account

       Click File>New>Existing account

       Setup the account(can provide link from our existing knowledge base entry). 

       Select IMAP(remote folders). Then click create account.

3.    Transfer local messages to the server

       If there are messages from the old POP account that you would like in your IMAP account, 

       simply drag and drop and move the files into your IMAP account. This process may take


       up some time depending on the amount of email you transfer.

4.    Delete your POP account

       Once you have ensured that all the important messages from the POP account has been 

       moved to the IMAP account, the POP account can be deleted. Please make sure that all 

       the messages in the POP account is not of used anymore before deleting.

       Open account settings from Tools>Account Settings and select the respective account.

       Click on Account actions button at the bottom and select Remove Account.