Steps to Add E-mail Account

1.    Select Accounts and click E-mail.

2.    Enter e-mail address and password. Check Manually Configure server settings. Click Next

3.    You can choose your desired server type IMAP or POP.


IMAP: Enter server hostname and port 993. OR

POP: Enter server hostname and port 995. 

Check 'Requires a secure connection (SSL)'. 

*For server hostname may kindly refer to the welcome email for hosting plan. 


IMAP: Enter server address and port 143. OR

POP: Enter server address and port 110.

Un-Check 'Requires a secure connection (SSL)'. 

For logon user name, please enter full address i.e

Enter server address for outgoing server and port 587. 

Check each box for 'Requires a secure connection' and 'Requires authentication(SSL)'.

4.    Click Next and click Finish. E-mail account is successfully added. 

Windows 8 Mail synchronizes with your mailbox. 


Link the folders so that your e-mail will be filled in correct folders. 

Steps to Link folders

1.    Right click on new account 'Mail (daniel.tan)' and click on Properties.

2.    Select IMAP tab and enter names for root folder path (i.e.daniel.tan).

    -    Sent Items path: Sent Items

    -    Drafts path: Drafts

    -    Deleted Items path: Deleted Items

    -    Junk path: Junk email

3.    Click Apply and OK.

Windows Live Mail will file the e-mail in respective folders.