Wordfence protect your website against security threats like hacking, malware, DDOS and brute force attacks. 

Step 1: Install and Activate Wordfence Security plugin. 

Step 2: Upon activation, a new menu item 'Wordfence' will be added to WordPress Dashboard left panel.

Step 3: Click Start New Scan.

Step 4: Wordfence will show you the results once done. Free Wordfence plugins automatically runs full 

             scans on your WordPress site every 24 hours. 

Step 5: Under All Options, you can setup your Wordfence for firewall options, monitoring and blocking of 

             suspicious activity, scan options, live traffic options etc. You can start with navigating to Basic Firewall                      

            Options > Protection Level >Tap on the 'Optimize the WordFence Firewall'. Subsequently may go through

             the different options available and set up as required.