This guideline is purposely draft to guide user way of enable bounce setting for EBuzzzz campaign.

  1. Enter to ebuzzzz dashboard with given credential and login portal.

  2. Click on "Account" under right top bar and select "Bounce Settings" under drop down selection.

  3. User may now lead to "Bounce Settings" page. Continue with click on "Add" button.

  4. Select "Use POP3 Account" and complete require column.

    Example :

    E-mail Address : User email address (Example :
    Used in Lists : Subscriber list that user prefer to apply bounce setting. Tick the checkbox for require subscriber list.
    POP3 Host : According to mail service provider advise settings (Example :
    POP3 Port : 110 in default (User always advisable refer to mails service provider settings)
    POP3 Username : User email address (Example :
    POP3 Password : Login password for mentioned mail account
    Number of emails to process at one time : 120 (Default settings)
    Bounce Management Options (Soft Bounce) : 6 (Default Settings)
    Bounce Management Options (Hard Bounce) : 3 (Default Settings)

    Please refer to Soft and Hard Bounce definitions portal as below for better understanding.

    Complete require column and click on "Add"