Both Exabytes WordPress hosting plans support Free SSL Certificate by Let's Encrypt. One of the key requirement before you could activate the Free SSL Certificate for your WordPress domain in the control panel is that you must have the DNS A record of your domain pointed to our WordPress hosting server.  Refer to this article on how to identify your WordPress Web Server IP if you are using a 3rd party DNS Name Server for your WordPress domain.

1. Get into your WordPress control panel via your client area portal.

2. Once you are on your WordPress dashboard, look for the "Let's Encrypt" icon. 

3. Click on it and fill up your contact email as well ensure the check box for "Include a 'www' subdomain for the domain and each selected alias" is ticked. This is allow the certificate issued will give you have access to your domain as and (with and without www)                                                  

4. Click Install and if your domain has been pointed to our web server IP as indicated above, it will take about 10-15 minutes for the certificate to be installed on your domain. 

Let's Encrypt SSL is a Domain Validated SSL Certificate. If you are looking to enable the Green Address Bar EV SSL certificate for your WordPress installation to improve the trust of your website (as if you are running any WordPress eCommerce store such as Woo Commerce), feel free to get in touch with our WordPress consultant so we can provide you a custom EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate.