Agents installed on the managed machines (end-user machines) need to have access to the following ports (inbound and outbound):

  • Ports 443 and 8443 are used for agent registration, data center selection, user authorization, certificate download, Web Restore and Backup management console access.
  • Ports 7770-7800 are used for agent communication with Management server (backup plans creation and applying, status reports, activity logging, etc.). 
  • Port 44445 is used backup read-write operations.
    You can additionally open 80 port for your convenience, so any http requests from browser will be redirected to https. 
  • Port 80 is also used for the remote update of agents.


Beside, you may issue telnet command from the server/vm/terminal to be backup to verify the connection:


#telnet 443


#telnet 8443


#telnet 7780


Or you may download this tool for connection verification:


1. Download the connection verification tool (For Windows only)


2. Unpack it.


3. Open the Command Prompt and run the tool with the following parameters:
msp_port_checker_en-US_x86.exe -u=<login> -p=<password>
where u is your Backup Account email address and p is password for the Backup Account. You will be prompted for password if you don't specify this option.
E.g.: msp_port_checker_en-US_x86.exe -p=MySecurePa$$word


4. The tool will check connection to backup cloud of your Backup Account is tied to.