A CDN resource is a specific server with content an end user wants to distribute via the CDN. The first step to configure the CDN is add the CDN resources.

1) Login to Exabytes Billing System via:


For MY client: https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/clientarea.php

For US client: https://billing.exabytes.com/mypanel/clientarea.php

For SG client: https://billing.exabytes.sg/mypanel/clientarea.php


2) Click on Service then My Service

3) Select the CDN service

4) Click on the New CDN Resources to create , select the HTTPD on Select CDN Resource Type section

5) Insert the CDN hostname and Origins .


*CDN Hostname which will be hostname to access CDN resources. Normally create as cdn.youdomainname

*Origins is the the location from where your data will be pulled which is the original domain

In short, if the domain is exatest.com, could create CDN hostname as cdn.exatest.com or *anything*.exatest.com

6) Select the edge group and click create CDN resources

*Edge Group is CDN server group location.

7) Once done, click on the Details of the CDN Resources


8) Under the DNS settings, it show the CNAME record that need to add. You need to add it as the subdomain CNAME record.


9) Once done, the CDN resources is ready.