By default below is the default value that we have set in our mail server:

Weight 10: Prefix Subject with Text SPAM-LOW:

Weight 20: Prefix Subject with Text SPAM-MED:

Weight 30: Move to Junk E-Mail Folder


Please be advised that emails fall inside the Junk E-Mail folder could not be downloaded to any

email clientsuch as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc and only the emails from Inbox of Smartermail will

fall inside the Inbox or Spam folder of your email client.


If you wish to receive all the emails no matter valid or spam emails then may overwrite our

setting and set up filtering rules at your email client to categorize them.


Therefore in our Smartermail, you may override the default spam filtering rules according to your own

configuration and you may add in the email address of the sender for bypassing the filtering rules and



1.    Log in to the webmail,

2.    Click at Setting > Filtering > Spam Filtering.

3.    On the Option tab > select Override spam settings for this account.

4.    It will auto load the setting, then click at Actions tab.

5.    You could configure your spam setting at this stage. For example, you may select the action

    for Spam Weight more than 30 with "Delete Messages" or "Move to Junk E-Mail Folder".

6.    Besides, if you have any trusted Sender account for bypassing the filtering rules and Greylisting,

    you could click at My Settings > Trusted Senders to add in the trusted sender's email address.

7.    Example as below.