Below will be a sample of video tutorial on "How to Setup an IMAP Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird"

For SSL setup you may just replace the "serverhostname" and "SSL ports" based from above steps.

Step by Step Guidance

1. Open your Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Go to Tools > Account Settings.

3. Click Create a new account.


4. Choose Skip this and use my existing email.

5. Enter Your name,  full Email address and Password , click Continue.


6. At Mail account setup configure screen,choose Manual config .


7. Select the type of incoming server :  IMAP

Enter the name of your Incoming and Outgoing mail server as follow:


    Incoming mail server IMAP :

    Outgoing mail server SMTP :

    (replace your OWN domain name for domain)


    Incoming mail server IMAP : serverhostname

    Outgoing mail server SMTP : serverhostname

    (serverhostname refers to the name of the server that is hosting your email

    serverhostname can be found from your web hosting control panel server information section )

For Ports:

Incoming IMAP : 143

Outgoing for IMAP : 587

Incoming IMAP : 993

Outgoing for IMAP : 465


(If SSL is choosen, click SSL/TLS under SSL option. Otherwise, select None.)

8. Username will be your full email such as


9. Click on Re-test the configuration and Click Done.

10. Back to your Thunderbird main menu and go to Outgoing Server and confirm your Outgoing SMTP server.

11. Check the Use name and password box and assign your email account to the User Name

    and select No for Use secure connection.

12. You may start using Thunderbird by clicking on the top left Get Mail button.