1) To use Weebly, you must be an existing user of any of the following Exabytes Linux hosting plans.

  • EBiz Beginner Linux
  • Xtudent Linux
  • EBiz Home Linux
  • EBiz Plus Linux
  • EBiz Plus Unlimited Linux
  • EBiz Gold Linux
  • EBiz Gold Unlimited Linux
  • Linux Semi Dedicated Server
  • EBiz Pro
  • EBiz Cloud Hosting
  • Clever Hosting
  • EBiz Power

2) Log in to your hosting account cPanel. Click on the Weebly icon.


3) Select the Primary domain/Subdomain/Addon domain that you want Weebly to connect to. Click “Add” button.

Important Note: 

Each Weebly site builder account connects to ONLY One (1) domain name -- your primary domain, subdomain or addon domain. Your subdomain or addon domain must be created in cPanel prior to this step.


4)     Compare the features of each plan before deciding which plan suits you best. 

        Select and order your preferred Weebly plan. 


5)    Click on "Continue" to proceed.

Important Note: DON’T change the domain name in the “Domain” field in the Additional Information Required’ section.


6)    Click o “Checkout” to proceed to make payment.

7)    Make your payment by choosing the payment method and fill in your payment details.


       You’ve successfully placed your order!

8)    Once your payment is successful, your Weebly account will be set up. You may now access your new 

       Weebly account through cPanel.