Registrar: Registrar is a company that registers domain name.

Gaining Registrar: Gaining registrar is new provider that you would like to transfer the domain over. If a domain was registered with Company X and you are transferring it to Exabytes, Exabytes is the gaining registrar.

Losing Registrar: Losing registrar is current provider of the domain that you wish to transfer away. If a domain was registered with Exabytes and you are transferring it to Company X, Exabytes is the losing registrar.

Registrant: Registrant is the owner of a particular domain name.

Registry: Registry is a database of all domain names registered in a top-level domain.


IMPORTANT: Domain Name Conditions

  1. Domain name has not expired and within 30 days from the domain expiry date.
  2. Domain name must be registered for more than 60 days.
  3. Domain name must be renewed for more than 45 days.
  4. Ensure the domain name is not involved in any legal or payment dispute.
  5. Ensure the domain name status is set to "ACTIVE".
  6. Ensure the domain name WHOIS ID Protection (if purchased) is disabled.
  7. Only the administrative person of domain has authority for domain transfer.
  8. Ensure the email address of the administrative contact for the domain name must be valid. We correspond with the administrative contact for the transfer request approval.


Transfer Domain Name Process:

  1. We will submit your domain transfer request to our domain registrar within 24 hours upon receiving of your order and payment confirmation.
  2. The domain admin email contact of your domain name will receive a domain transfer authorization email.
  3. You will have to follow the instructions given in the domain transfer authorization to authorize your domain name to be transferred to Exabytes.
  4. The losing registrar (your current domain provider) might send you another email on your domain transfer confirmation and you will need to follow the instructions given in the confirmation email send to the admin contact of your domain name.
  5. You will have to wait for the losing registrar to release your domain name to Exabytes.
  6. Your domain name successfully transferred to Exabytes upon losing registrar releasing of your domain name.


Domain transfer for .com/.net/.org/.biz/.name/.info/.cn/.us domain name

1) What is Authorization Info / EPP Code?

An authorization code (also referred to as an <AUTHINFO>, <AUTO>, auth code, Authinfo code or an EPP code); is a 6- to 16-character "password" assigned by a sponsoring Registrar.


2) Why the Authorization Info / EPP Code is required?

This code is required by the central registry to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. The Authorization Info / EPP Code are designed to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transfers.


3) How to get Authorization Info / EPP Code for my domain name?

Registrant is required to contact the current domain Registrar of the domain to request for the domain's Authorization Info / EPP Code.

You must get your EPP code from your current registrar (also called the "losing" registrar), and give it to the registrar that you are transferring your name to. The gaining registrar will verify this code with the central registry, and if it matches, then you will be able to transfer your domain name. The only place that you can get your EPP code is from the registrar that your name is currently registered at.

We recommended obtaining your domain's Authorization Code before initiating a domain transfer request.


4) How long does it take to transfer a domain name to Exabytes?

A registrar transfer process will requires 2-10 business days to complete.


5) Why I encountered “Authorization Error” when approved your transfer request?

“Authorization Error” is error message returned from registry stated that the Authorization Information entered during the transfer request submission was invalid.

We advise you to contact current registrar to obtain the valid/correct Authorization Information so that we can re-initiate the transfer request.


6) Why I encountered “Object status prohibits operation” when approved the transfer request?

A domain name must be in Active status in order to approve or transfer a domain name.

Error “Object status prohibits operation” was due the domain name currently is under Lock status, please contact the current registrar to unlock the domain and retry to approve the transfer request.


7) Can I cancel a Registrar transfer and how do I cancel it?

Yes, we are allowed to cancel a registrar transfer if the transfer request has yet approved by the domain administrator. Please send us a request at to cancel the registrar transfer request.


8) I did not receive the registrar transfer authorization email, how do I request to resend the authorization email?

Please send us a request at to resend the registrar transfer authorization email.

NOTE: Registrar transfer authorization email will only be sent to Administrative Contact of the domain name.


9) If I had purchased the WHOIS ID Protection, will it be transferred together with my domain name?

 WHOIS ID Protection is non- transferable. You will have to re-purchase a new WHOIS ID Protection with us. The price for ID Protection is SGD 5 or RM 12.90 or USD 2.90 per year.


Domain transfer for .sg domain name

1) What are the domain name conditions to transfer .sg to Exabytes?

Domain name must be registered for more than 14 days in order to perform a registrar transfer. Gaining registrar must be an accredited registrar for .sg domain name and the transfer is require to initiate 7 days before the expiry date.