This guideline is prepared and guide user who subscriber Ebuzzzz email marketing services and operate under EBuzzzz server ( to create email subscriber. 

In order to proceed for create email subscriber. User are require to create one subscriber list before any subscriber adding action. 

If user unfamiliar with the step of create subscriber list, may refer to suggested guideline 

  1. First, enter EBuzzzz dashboard with given credential.

  2. Once enter, proceed to click on "Lists" tab.

  3. On the selected email list, click on "Import" button.

  4. Once enter, user may found there is several way to add subscriber. For manual create way, may click on hyperlink "or import by pasting your data in".

  5. Follow the suggested pattern by adding the intended value. A sample data as below.
    "Subscriber Email Address"

    Or subscriber with custom field

    "Subscriber First / Last Name", "Subscriber Email Address"

  6. Once data completely insert, may confirm if this subscriber needed to add for multiple list. If so user may proceed to select preferable import list by select under "Selects List to Import".
    Note that multiple list adding is supported on this EBuzzzz version.

  7. Confirm above action carry out and click on "Next".

  8. User shall now lead to another page which ask for data mapping. If user only insert email, may select map with "Email Address" under drop down session. Confirm and click on "Import".