1) Log in your EBuzzzz management panel according URL that provided in the welcome email.

2) Click "Campaigns" and select "Email Messages"

3) Click "Add" to create a new message

4) You can choose from:

a, Start New (Blank, from scratch) - create a brand new content

b, Based on a Template - Choose to edit from message that you created previously (if have)

c, Based on a Template - Choose from the 11 FREE templates that included or your own template.

5) Select your List that assigns to this message. 

6) Choose your message format (HTML Email, Text only Email or HTML & TEXT only Email)

7) Fill in your detail and insert information for your message. You MUST include unsubscribe link inside the message and here is the steps:


8) You will notice additional button at Right bottom corner

a, Send Test - Preview your message in your mailbox.

b, Spam Score - Check your message spam probability.

c, Inbox Preview - Message preview in major email clients (Outlook 2007/2003/2000, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo. Apple Mail, Lotus Notes 8.5 and iphone/iPad)

9) Click "Add" to complete the creation.