Due recent password policy changes in all Smartermail server, we will apply the changes to all the existing

email accounts which has been setup prior to the implementation of the new policy by 27 May 2009. You are

advise to update your email account password if your current password does not meet the above requirement before 27 May 2009. Failure to do so will cause your password to be rejected by the Smartermail mail server

and you will be prompted for 'Password Rejection' error at your local mail client as well as not being able to

login to the WebMail.

For the users that has yet to change their password according to our password policy, kindly follow below instructions

1. Login into your Smartermail webmail using http://mail.domain.com.

2. Then enter your email address and current password.

3. Then the page for Smartermail password change will be prompted to the user that has been using

    the password that does not meet the new password policy as below.

    The password must have AT LEAST a minimum of 5 characters.

    The password should contain a number.

    The password should contain a capital letter and a lower case letter.
    The password SHOULD NOT be equivalent to the POP3 username.

    The password SHOULD NOT be commonly used password.
    The password MUST CONTAIN at least a minimum of 1 symbol. (New policy) eg. [ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +]

4. Enter your old password and the new password that fulfilled the new password policy.

5. Click Finish and you are done.