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I. Introduction

II. Value of Express Checkout

III. Checkout Experience

I. Introduction 

Push button start for car's engine, One Touch Washing Machine (wash, rinse, and dry), Touch ID sensor that unlocks your phone in second........ Everything is just a touch of a button, so does Express Checkout!

II. Values of Express Checkout

  • Increase conversions and sales
    - Previously, your customer will need to wait for the website to load, payment gateway to perform an action, etc. Once they lost their patience, they exit the website without completing the process. At this point, you may have missed an order :(
    - We enhance the checkout process by implementing Express Checkout to provide a faster checkout experience for your customer,  indirectly increase both of your website's conversions and sales.

  • Save time
    - The normal checkout flow where slow loading time frustrates your site visitors often lead to abandoned checkout.
    - In order to recover lost customers after they abandon their carts effectively, you will have to send a reminder email manually to persuade them to complete the checkout process. All these actually taking a lot of or too much time.
    - Shortening the checkout process with express checkout reduces the hassle and ultimately makes it easier for the customer to complete the order, effectively reduces the rate of abandoned checkout, also save your time in sending recovery email one by one.

  • Decrease the rate of abandoned checkout
    - With express checkout, your customers can skip filling in the shipping and billing information.
    - The new, simpler design makes it easier and faster for customers to make the payment in just a few clicks – without leaving your website—which can help to reduce cart abandonment.

III. Checkout Experience

Current checkout flow:

To enable Express Checkout, go to Settings > Checkout > Enabled 'Express Checkout' and 'Seamless payment' 

Express Checkout:

Not able to spot the difference? Check this video out!

*Right click to open image in new tab for a better view*