Address Book

       1. You can check your contact under “Address Book”.

       2. Add new contact details under “Add new contact”.

       3. View the contact details.

Manage Groups

       1. Add the group or keyword to group your customers. 

       2. The user is able to view, edit and remove the group name, created date, keyword, total group member.

       3. The user is able to remove the group with contact inside under “Remove with contacts”.

Important Contacts

How To Set Up Your Contact List?

        1. Prepare your contact list based on the parameters in the CSV File as shown below:


      2.    Upload the CSV file you have prepared by clicking on the “Choose File” button.


      3.    Select the group you want so that you can easily target your customer group. 

      4.    Submit your contact list and get ready to start your SMS campaign now! 

      5.    You are ready to send the SMS now or later!